Occupations during a pandemic

Irrespective of the fact that working at home involves spending a considerable number of hours in front of computer screens, in VTC, on the phone and drafting documents, you have a fair share of the time for yourself, at home. What to do with this surplus of time?

I noticed that I feel that I am spending too much time in front of your screen and therefore feel like doing some else once you disconnect (although it is not always the case... disconnecting/not looking at the screen).

Although I am not too anxious about the situation, I noticed that I started cooking more, an inclination that I already had anyway. Probably the most noticeable difference is that I now bake more, something that I rarely do. I went into a sort of a spree of cooking. Even two of us at times struggle to finish everything that I prepare.

Cooking in the past days

I suppose that I somehow went overboard. But it is also nice to take the time to prepare good dishes, even if that means paying a bit less attention to how many calories are there. After all, you need to comfort yourself, right?

Other activities may include reading, of course, but here I am starting to dread that my attention span is getting to somewhere close to nothing with age and the detrimental effects of constantly multitasking. I should be more persistent and less lazy.

Of course, when I do not read, I seat in front... of a screen. Well, to be completely fair, in front of my wall where I enjoy very much the upgrade felt with the use of a video projector that I recently bought. Watching movies like this is undeniably is arguably much nicer than on a 13-inch laptop screen, like I have been doing for the past six years, I must say...

Overall, what I find most difficult is to draw a clear line between working time and leisure time. The two tend to overlap and fusion. Work still in progress I guess...