A new blog – why?

Why start a new blog now? A why a blog?

First, why a blog? This is outdated. Social media are a much more popular vector now. Facebook and Instagram stories are what people want to see, consume in an instant, be able to “like”, a way to interact without having to actually make an effort and communicate. This is precisely why. I wish to write not to seek public approbation or praise in comments, but simply to share thoughts with people I know and care about.

Now, why now? Well, the answer is rather simple: because I can. With the pandemic, because I am working from home, it is easier for me to isolate, work with the music I want to listen, not to be interrupted. In a word, I can focus.

Friends and family told me that I should write. I always found good reasons and more pressing things to do. So this is not quite it, but maybe a beginning. Let's hope...


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